Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Running Shoes

Gotta give props to the girl at the running store in the Time Warner building who sold me another pair of Asics, same design as my old pair since I like them and have not suffered injury, unlike sweet Alison, who is almost ready to committ to the 2007 Marathon. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of Alison, her recovery seems to be going well. She's running three miles at a time right now and she's good about stretching and taking care of herself. She got a pair of Asics from Jack Rabbit on 14th. Check them out; she says they're better than Super Runners Store. Very attentive and knowledgeable, she says they have a fancy treadmill where you can try out a pair of shoes before you purchase. To be fair, the people at Super Runners encourage you to run down the block in a pair before committing. However, they don't watch you run, and, I guess, at Jack Rabbit they do.

The girl at the store in Time Warner suggested I wear polyester socks to avoid losing toenails. No one has ever said this to me before. I have polyester socks, but I also have cotton socks, and didn't really sense the difference. I guess it's all polyester socks for now.