Wednesday, June 27, 2007

But, it's too hot to run!

Wah, wah, it's always something. It's either too hot or too cold, you can never get the porridge just right can ya?

Hello, friends. I've been away for awhile, but I'm back now with marathon dreams on my mind. I just printed out the NYRR Marathon Training schedule and I've decided to do the Basic Marathoner as opposed to the First Time / Casual Marathoner. Is it a little cocky, after just one marathon, to consider myself a Basic Marathoner? The schedule is about 5-10 miles more challenging. I think I can do it. Plus, I want to slim down since I've also got wedded matrimony on the brain and I want to look smokin' in my sample sale designer dress.

So, I'm determined to stay on this training trend of lifting weights 4 days a week with a four or five mile run to follow, then a long run on the weekends and two yoga classes in between. Yes, it sounds like alot, and I think it is, but I really missed yoga last year, and I feel it counteracts the pounding my muscles and joints take on the road. I'm worried I'm going to shrink if I don't do some major yoga stretching. This morning I lifted for a half hour, then ran 4 miles down the WSH.

More to come, running friends.