Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things I Did Wrong

In preparation for last week's 16 mile run I:

1. Did not eat the night before.
2. Did not eat enough in the morning.


Coming back from what started as a great run -- down Park Avenue in celebration of the city's Summer Streets, then across the Brooklyn Bridge, back up Park Avenue and finish with two CP 1.7 loops -- I felt my body give up. It literally deflated like a slashed tire. And, it didn't occur to me that I didn't eat enough until my body said "No", quietly, but forcefully.

I did a couple of things right, though. First, I met another runner who was having a hard time and hung with him for awhile. I planned to stop at mile 11 until my new friend Kevin said he was going to run - walk the rest. He was going to run-walk, but he was going to finish.

Second, Kevin and I hooked up with Pauline, a spunky little woman who was running at a reasonable pace and had enough energy to carry Kevin and I, though Kevin did have to walk again. I managed to hang with Pauline, surviving only because she was super chatty and I had a feeling she needed someone to hang with her, too.

So, I had yet another bad long run. But, I did finish. And, I guess that is always something to celebrate. And, side note: I took my first ice bath. In four years of running I've never taken an ice bath. I will not make a habit of it as it was -- excuse me for stating the obvious -- fracking freezing, but I must admit it TOTALLY worked. My muscles recovered in, like, no time. I had no pain the following day.

18 miles tomorrow. Fingers crossed I did something right tonight.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I had my first workout with Anthony this afternoon. We're concentrating on core strength, which I'm going to do two days a week. This, along with my four day a week running schedule and one day of yoga will, hopefully, make me stronger an keep my body relatively safe from injury. It's taken me a minute to fully embrace running less, but I'm listening to Abby and Anthony and Dr. Amico, who have all said the NYRR training schedule is crazy. I used that schedule for two years, and it turned me into a runner, that is for sure, but I want to be more than a runner; I want to be a strong athlete who will be able to run for years. Anthony said it best; I'm not a professional athlete with access to expensive therapy and round-the-clock trainers. I don't have the time for it either. I work full time and have a million other things I do in addition, so I need to be smart.

This new training schedule should also help me enjoy running again, I hope. It's been so hard these past few weeks and not really any fun at all.

Friday, August 08, 2008


The Olympics start today in Beijing! Not many people know this, but I am a sucker for the opening ceremony. I gotta say, it gets me right in the heart every time. Tears, I say. Tears.

Where does the time go? It's already August and I'm not feeling the marathon training this year. I'm no where near ready. I'll do my first 13 mile run this weekend, and I'll see how I feel after that, but I gotta admit I'm having a tough time. I'm tired. My body, generally, does not want to move. And, my little disc problem is flaring up again. What the hell?

OK, ok, so I'm complaining -- AGAIN. I know it's not fun to read someone bitch and moan, so let me give out some positive energy as I replay the running week.

Good stuff did happen. Speed work day was actually pretty good. My quad did not seize up and I did my "don't be afraid to be uncomfortable" chant as I ran around Sheep's Meadow in 3rd gear. And, we did some crazy sprints up a hill where I got to practice high knees. Abby says I'm improving.

Also this week: Alison and I finally got around to the weight training we've been threatening to incorporate. We're doing Wednesday mornings in the gym. Six pack here I come.

This morning: well, I did not feel like running, but I got my ass out of bed and ran 4 miles in the park. Once I got going I felt pretty good. I was anticipating a slow, painful drudge, but I was pretty speedy and comfortable.

The weather has been mild. Mornings are relatively cool and almost humidity-free. Maybe this change in the weather will re-energize me, get me feelin' good again.

I am so going back to Asics! Mizunos aren't my friend. They have a serious grudge against my feet, my toes in particular.