Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I was just reading Kristin Armstrong's blog on Runner's World. (If you don't read it you should. Her recap of her Boston Marathon experience is inspiring, while also a totally fun read.) In her latest entry she talks about taking a break from running and how she enjoys the time off (a week off after running the marathon), and wonders if she should start "seeing" other forms of exercise, like yoga or pilates. I often dream of a life where I don't take a break from running, but am able to add stuff like yoga and weight training (I've never done pilates) to my workout. It's nearly impossible to fit anything else into my schedule, especially when I'm training for the marathon. I blame my full time job. If I just didn't have it I'd be able to do all the extra-curricular exercising I want. I wouldn't be able to afford those yoga classes, however, so, ok, maybe quitting my job is not the best idea.

Actually, right now I'm in a bit of a funk, hence the title of this entry. My schedule got all messed up for a few weeks for very good reasons. First, there was that pesky Living In Captivity shooting schedule. A script I co-wrote with Uma and Nicole (hey, NUmErical!) was funded with a bunch of money (ok, not a "bunch", but enough, and most of it was not ours) so we could actually shoot it, submit it to some t.v. festivals, and live out our dreams of being paid writers / executive producers / rich ladies. It was six days of very early mornings, with about 11 hours of shooting per day, surrounded by the snack-filled craft services table that, even if you're not hungry, you can't help but grab a handful of kettle corn and stuff it in your mouth. Then, I went to Florida where I tended to my family, specifically my sister who had surgery. (She is doing very well, thanks for asking.)

So, running took a back seat while I was dealing with life, and I missed it terribly. While I was doing cool stuff and being a responsible member of my very awesome family, I really missed the routine of my life.

But, when I attempted to get back into the routine of my life I discovered I couldn't do everything I'd done before. Yes, I was back at work, and yes, Kirk and I were back to spending time together. But, I couldn't run and here's why. I've had a pain in my lower back for weeks that I've managed not to deal with because I've been dealing with everything else. While I was in Florida I told my mom about it and, of course, she wouldn't stop bugging me about it until I promised to see a doctor as soon as I returned to New York. (Note: I did run twice in Florida, I think a total of four miles.)

I have an appointment with a chiropractor reccomended by a triathlete friend of Alison's. Fingers crossed it's something that can be solved with a few anti-inflammatories.