Tuesday, March 20, 2007


You know what cures insomnia?


Last night I got, maybe, two hours sleep, and the only reason I'm functioning today is the half pot of seriously strong coffee I had at breakfast this morning.

(Sidebar: today is Amy's birthday, so we went to Norma's in Le Parker Meridien. I ordered the "Very Berry French Toast", which was two enormous slices of brioche soaked in blue / raspberries. I wasn't impressed with my food, though James had delicious Huevos Rancheros, and Nicole ordered some crazy "oatmeal" thing that was tasty. Amy had waffles with fruit and a raspberry sauce, which I also liked. But, I'm not reccomending Norma's as 1. it's terribly overpriced-- $20 for four coffees! and 2. I can make better french toast at home for three dollars or less. End Sidebar)

I had fewer insomniatic (?) nights while training for the marathon. My brain shut down completely when it was time to sleep because I'd wear myself out. Oh, I cannot wait for the weather to get better so I can spend more time running on the road! I hate, hate, hate the treadmill. I tried, okay! I tried so hard to like it! I've experimented with adjusting the speed, adjusting the incline, running faster for several minutes at a time, but nothing works. Nothing makes the treadmill an adequate substitute for the outdoors. I know this is my own fault; if I wasn't such a wimp I'd get out and suffer the cold. But, extreme cold hurts, and I haven't found a way to bear it. So, I'll suffer just one more week, I hope. It's in the 40's and I can deal with that. It's sunny, so the snow is melting.

Back to breakfast: I have got to diet! I should carry a picture of a girl in a wedding dress to remind me that I want to look good on March 7, 2008, and not have brioche french toast hips.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Feels Like Spring

We're getting hit with some 60 degree weather this week. I got up this morning and ran four miles, to 97th and back, and got swept up in nostalgia. It felt and looked this way back in October when I'd get up early to train for the marathon. I was even listening to the same mix I made specifically for training. It needs to be updated. I'm sick of Nelly Furtado and Black-Eyed Peas. Well, it's going to get cold again. There's a storm coming tonight and, by Friday, the temp should be back down to the 40's. This is how Spring works.

Speaking of beautiful weather, I spent the weekend in Tampa planning the wedding. Date is set for March 7, 2008 at The Lange Farm in Dade City. I never thought I'd get married on a farm, but when Mom and I saw the place Sunday morning we fell in love. It's beautiful. We can have the ceremony and cocktail hour outside, and a reception in a gorgeous Garden House. I am finally having fun planning now that there's something to plan. Now, I have to get in shape so I can try on dresses.

Oh, my taxes!

I'm not registered for any races coming up. I think the Brooklyn Half is next on my list.