Friday, October 05, 2007

Easy 18

I'm not in the mood to blog, so I'll sum up the last few runs quickly. Last week, 18 mile race -- the marathon tune up -- ran it in under three hours (woo hoo!). I credit Ciara, Alison, and new running partner Barnett with the great run as, again, all the chat kept me distracted. It was over before I could even think about what I was doing, although around mile 15 I was fighting to stay in it. I got over it by mile 16 after half a GU and some Gatorade.

Yesterday, 6 mile run with Alison, I fell and got a nice gash on the palm of my hand as well as some random cuts and scrapes. No big deal. Really, the missing toe nails on my right foot are much more interesting to talk about and look at.

Grete's Gallop half marathon tomorrow with Ciara, Marne, and Barnett. Alison out of town as well as Andy and Amanda.

31 days until the marathon. Run safe, people.